I am just a kid from Houston

Born and raised in the best city of the best state of the best country. All my life I have created pieces of art and made a little money on the side. The pure enjoyment of my clients face when they see what I have produced for them, makes every project a success. My goal in life is to leave a positive impression on whoever I meet, and provide for them a product to be proud of.

I like to think of my self as someone that enjoys a good time, laughs, and insightful conversation. I am excited to learn more about the design world, and to learn from my mistakes to become a better designer. In times of stress, I look for a positive outlet to distract or motivate me through. Amongst my classmates and coworkers, I have commonly been asked if I ever get stressed out, my answer stays the same. I do not let stress weigh me down, I make a list, and I get to work. “Stressfull” times to me, is just a bodily reaction to getting whatever goal I have accomplished, and accomplished right, with a smile on my face.


I have grown to love enviromental design. I enjoy watching the interactions of my audience and the piece I have created. 

I also love illustration, and anything that can be hand drawn and used in the final stages of the design.

Ultimate Goals


I enjoy the fishing, both fresh and salt bodies of water. I mainly fish for largmouth bass in fresh water.
Football is a way of life for me, I am a Texans fan since David Carr was under center.

Random Information

I dont like avocados, sour cream, tomatoes, or coffee.