Encounter: Meeting Points on the bayou

As a collaboration project with the Partnership of Buffalo Bayou, Encounter was an event that highlights the many characteristics along the East Side of the bayou. With six sites and a team for each; we worked to bring awareness of certain aspects about the bayou, and our site. At the Yolonda Black Navarro Buffalo Bend Park, we did our best to leave a minimal footprint, but still leave an impact on not only our project, but what the park has to offer to the environment and its inhabitants. Our concept was to enlighten our audience of various aspects of the park. The frames at each site of the park highlights these aspects, and engage those looking through. Unlike most parks, Buffalo Bend does not have a swing set, jungle gym; just a couple benches, trash and recycle cans, and a path to walk on. The reason for that is for the preservation of the life surrounding it. About 85 percent of the materials used to create the framing devices and tables were repurposed. The frames were made from recycled oil barrels that transported vegetable oil, and the tables come from industrial wire spools that were no longer in use. All Items are coated to last against the elements, and prevent harm to the environment.

Toward the back of the park, our patrons found the Bat House beacon. The two cylinders¬† highlight the area that the native bats reside in at the park. We added a small circlular puzzle that in the end would read ” Keep out of Direct Sunlight”.¬†

At the center of the park is the double cylinder that frames the cistern, and the pond. Here we touched 

Talk about the reasons of each beacon.